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     This company was established in 1955 with the main purpose for building construction projects. Immediately we got orders for doing   the structural - engineering - work and construction-supervising for Bank-buildings. In the meantime our company continued doing all types of Government, commercial and residential buildings and we kept building up a good reputation for building-construction.

     When our Government in 1965 opened the door for foreign - investors, our company got also involved in several foreign- investors building construction work. In 1980 the company legally changed its name into: P.T. KARMANTA WIJAYA SAKTI Suddenly the golf game started to become popular, but  golf-course  construction was relatively new in this country.

     A division for this special and unique work was formed by the name of GOLF COURSE DEVELOPMENT Our first golf - course was the Pondok Cabe  Golf & Country Club for which we have to do a complete job from redesigning and construction work included financing, membership sale, rules and maintenance  work. A golf-course construction requires several expertise work from shaping, grassing, irrigation etc. and with the support of our experienced civil engineers, the division can provide a complete service for the benefit and satisfaction of our client.